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I have attended many meetings on PTCA and interventional cardiology in several continents. I do not think that the speakers presenting films of difficult cases are totally honest in their speeches. Everyone tries to show as if he is the James Bond in this art. The Ian Fleming’s James Bond will put his own life at risk but in the cath-lab, it is the patient who is bleeding and it is his life which is at risk.

We will benefit more if there was a meeting in which the mistakes and the mishaps could be discussed, but it will be very difficult to find speakers in today’s competitive world for such a meeting.

I am presenting here some cases in which several junior and senior operators were involved at various institutions. I have omitted the name of these operators and institutions. I hope that you will learn from these cases.

The purpose of this series is that we can share this knowledge and keep the name of operators and institutions anonymous. I will request you to contribute to the next series. We will destroy (at our end) all the records, of correspondence with you before the next issue is released and your anonymity is guaranteed.

When a senior person is reading this book I will request him to realize that this book is aimed for junior persons.

This series was ready in August 1996. The legal advice forced us to delete the following:

  • Names of all the consumables
  • Names of Consultants where the note is a very positive one.
  • Also asked us to change several chapters.

This caused major delay in bringing it out as it had changed the original character of the book, but we decided to accept the legal advice.

Once again I express thanks to all those Consultants who have privately narrated the cases and made this series possible. I request you to fill the last pages so that this series can continue.

I will also like to acknowledge the tolerance of my wife and two little kids who allowed me to work with this in my private time. I also express thanks to Dr. Mark Shanahan for his guidance and time.

Vipul N Roy

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