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An Important Lesson
We have seen the actions of several adventurous cardiologists and cardio-thoracic surgeons. It shows that how much insult the poor heart can tolerate from us. Please learn to respect this great piece of engineering from nature. After all, the basic treatment for ischaemic heart disease is life style modification and medical therapy. The PTCA or CABG helps only a selected group of patients.

These days while several ways of therapy are available it is important to develop a balanced view and not be driven by a desire to do the procedures you have learnt to perform.

Both PTCA or CABG are not a good options for the patients as both are offering a mechanical solution for a problem which we basically do not understand. Imagine the tuberculosis patients nearly half a century age when someone was doing a plumbage or thoracoplasty or cutting the phrenic nerve etc, (we still see some old patients who have lived through these heroics) and see the scenario now with the anti-tuberculous chemotherapy.


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